Street Dance

At GAME we want all participants to be able to play and feel free when they move around to music.

A street dance session with GAME will introduce the participants to different approaches to dance. In the sessions, focus will be on both freestyle as well as choreography. A session could consist of a warm up, some physical training, a few exercises or games, working with a choreography, playing with rhythms and/or working with freestyles as drills or maybe even a cypher or a battle.

Choreography training helps develop our brains. When doing choreography, the participants must think about the rhythm, the right order of the steps; they must be precise in their movements, which will improve their body consciousness. And, they will work on their expression in the meantime. This requires a high level of multitasking skills that are useful in life in general. (Think about the mental and physical requirements of giving a presentation, or building a house, or even going to a job interview).

Freestyle training helps the participants dance more freely. They will learn how to listen to the music, and by using the step foundation they learn in the practices and through the freestyle drills they will go through, the participants will with time be able to dance without inhibitions. If they get to the point where they are comfortable enough to join battles, they will be able to use this in other aspects of life – they face a challenge, they stand up in front of a crowd, they take a risk and they fail: they have the foundations to manage. They will know it is OK to go for it! And they will know that life continues no matter what.

Some of the dance drills that are in the Drill Box have teamwork as the main focus. After a good workout using teamwork-focused dance drills, the Playmakers should be able to guide the participants through some reflection so that the kids in the zones become aware of how this can be adapted into other situations in real life. At times, the practices might be working towards making a performance or entering a battle. In these situations, the concept of relying on teammates and helping each other and lifting each other up become of crucial importance.

Each Playmaker has their own preferences and strengths, and each zone and group of children has their own interests and needs. Thus, the specific dance style used at any given practice will depend on the Playmaker responsible. The overall focus of the practices, and the emphasis on applying life skills to this physical movement, will be the same no matter the style.

GAME Street Dance practices are open to everyone and should be as inclusive as possible. The Drill Box contains dance exercises that are of varying levels of difficulty, and the Playmaker should be sure to differentiate so that both beginners and more advanced kids can enjoy a good practice together.

Dance should always be fun and challenging, and your practices should always be educational and positive. Make sure all your zone kids know that it’s OK to jump high and reach for the stars!


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