You are a Playmaker or volunteer. You had a bad day. You don’t feel like coaching. Your kids are being wild. Your kids are cranky. Someone is fighting. You are tired. They are tired.You need something. Some ENERGY. And maybe a laugh.

Energizers are short, quick, fun exercises that can be used in a variety of ways in a sports practice, or any sort of gathering or activity for that matter. They offer the group a respite from the job at hand and provide a few minutes of challenge that set the brain off running in a new and different direction. An energizer can help shake off whatever bad feelings someone carries over to practice after a day at school or work and help re-set a person to get ready for something new. An energizer can start off a practice or can be inserted somewhere along the way. It can be a great idea to plan an energizer as a part of your practice, but many times an energizer is most useful when you don’t plan it. That is, you didn’t plan on having a bunch of tired kids who cannot focus on a football or dance drill, but here they are. What to do? Energize them with a quick and fun activity that will hopefully ease them into starting a good practice.

Our energizers, like the rest of our drills, are collected from GAME locations and partners around the world. Some of them you may know, some may be new. Browse through them and find a few favorites that you can fall back on, but know that a growing catalogue of energizers is at your fingertips if you need a quick fix or burst of energy and laughter at a practice. When you search through our Energizer catalogue, you’ll notice there are no special categories – no one is a beginner or advanced; it does not matter what sport you love; and you can even take a rest from life skills and empowerment levels. Jump into an energizer and bring your kids in with you. Have fun with the energizer and your practice!


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