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Welcome to the GAME Academy Drill Box. What you have before you is a special selection of basketball drills intended to help you get the most out of your time as a street basketball coach. By signing up as a Playmaker you have already taken the first important step towards making a difference in the lives of young people in your community. And in this role you will be tested and challenged by the kids and by the location, but once you start overcoming these obstacles and having educational and fun practices you will quickly come to find that it is all worth it: you will become a role model. And if you really take advantage of all that the Drill Box has to offer, you will also create empowerment among the participants and prevent conflict and marginalization along the way.

The Drill Box is a collection of basketball drills developed for the weekly street practices. There are drills from the GAME offices in Denmark and Lebanon, but also from partner organizations like Integracios Centras in Lithuania and DUNK in Ghana. But more than just basketball, the drills also contribute to the field of Sport for Peace and Development with its strong focus on how to stimulate the social and cultural skills among the participants.

The goal with our street sport practices is the ambitious vision of preventing conflict and marginalization in traditionally underserved neighborhoods. By introducing three levels of empowerment and a corresponding set of training themes, the Drill Box has been designed in a flexible way to easily target your local challenges may it be trust building, leadership development, democracy understanding or just to get ideas and inspiration for the next practice.

Our hope is that this collection will be both inspiring and supportive in your effort to bring us closer to our shared vision. Be prepared, have fun, stay on your toes and expect the unexpected. Let us know what works and what doesn’t and share your knowledge and your pictures with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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