Dribble Tag

Materials: 1 ball for each player, 4 cones


Within an area (half a basketball court or between four cones) the players dribble their own ball around while trying to make the other players lose control of their ball. If a ball is pushed out of bounds the player must leave the game. The game continues until there is only one player left.

Shrink the size of the area as the players are dropping out (inside the 3-point line, inside the paint, etc.). If the area is too big compared to the number of players left, the game loses its intensity.

Variation: A player can re-enter the game if she makes 3 baskets at the other end of the court, 10 push-ups or something else.


  • Tell the players to look up and keep the head high in order to spot attackers
  • Teach the players that the ball is out of bounds if it touches the line
  • Make a rule that you can only dribble with your weak hand
  • Encourage the ones who have been knocked out to watch and cheer for the ones still in the game
  • You might want to play yourself. The players love to knock out a coach!


  • The game teaches ball handling, especially under pressure
  • The players will learn that the more you can avoid looking at the ball, the more you can anticipate the moves of your opponents


  • Self-Awareness: The aim is to strengthen the individuals’ self-esteem through recognition from peers and especially from positive role models like the Playmakers.
  • Coping with Stress and Emotions: If players are cheering for the ones left in the game, stress, and emotions will increase just like the chance to learn how to cope with these will.
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Išsaugoti ateičiai

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