5:00 min

Materials:        1 ball per person


Body Orientation in Spaces

  1. Explore basketball court (side-lines, end-lines, circles), walking, running, jumping, dribbling.
  2. Throw the ball towards the sidelines and try to catch it before it goes out to court: same towards the end-line/baseline.
  3. Walk around the court with one eye closed and one eye open, both eyes closed, dribbling, jumping and dribbling.
  4. Dribble following court-lines, circles, lanes.
  5. Walk around the court passing ball under legs.
  6. Dribble standing still with preferred hand, walking and running.
  7. Dribble standing still and jump with feet together, jump on one foot, with open legs, crossed legs.
  8. Dribble with one hand and jump on corresponding foot.
  9. Dribble against the wall with one hand, two hands.
  10. Dribble high, very high, low, very low.
  11. Dribble sitting down with one finger, two, three, four, five fingers.
  12. Dribble a tam-tam with the ball.
  13. Throw the ball very high and catch it with the same hand, with the opposite hand, with two hands (standing, kneeling, sitting, lying on the ground).
  14. Dribble and jump in a straight line.


  • Encourage the players to challenge themselves by increasing speed once they master the various drills
  • Take the eyes off the ball and use the fingertips when handling the ball (not relevant for all drills)


  • Improved coordination skills
  • Improved ball handling skills


  • Self-awareness will increase, as the players become more familiar with physical limits and strengths in terms of speed, agility, and endurance.
  • Ability to work as a team is improved.
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