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Workouts where the total number of reps is shared are simple but effective – it can be partner or group workout where you give as much as you can to the group when you have the opportunity. We use it a lot in different form and shapes – it’s an entire genre that can be modified to fit the group and the setting.

– This specific workout called “300” takes around 15-20 minutes and consists of 3×100 push ups (actually 101 – we always do an extra for those who can’t join training).

– First make groups of minimum 3 and maximum 5 people. 3 participants if all 3 are strong, if mixed level have 4 together and if in general a weaker group have 5 participants. This can be solved by having all participants split in two 1 those who can do 10 or more push ups 2 those who can’t – Then mix groups from those two levels.

– Then have all the groups form a big circle where they stand together with their group members. Now one from each group is representing in the middle in a smaller circle doing push-ups on a count that all must follow. When someone struggles they are tapped out by the next from her/his group – if possible without slowing down the count – so the next must be ready in position next to the struggling participant.

– Meanwhile everyone else is doing exercises for the legs: Squats, lunges, calf raises, leg raises on the same count as the push-ups.

– The first 101 are regular narrow push ups.

– The second 101are elbow push ups or skull crushers if you have a low wall or similar.

– The third 101 are wide push ups

– If someone can’t do push ups the do it like a regular in the descending phase but on the knees on the way up.


– Make the groups and take time to explain the counting and how to switch so you don’t waste time during.

– Don’t let a rep count if someone is not doing full range of motion – let them know and re-count – if it’s still bad have them change in the group.


– Better pushing strength

– A lot of extra leg-work.

– Focus on quality

– Everyone gives max effort.


– Self-awareness: awareness of physical strength.

– Empathy: respecting team mates who are on different levels than yourself

– Team-work: working together and supporting each other in the team

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