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Welcome to the Drill Box!


The European Union’s Erasmus+ Sport Youth-led Street Sport for All partners are pleased to offer you this toolbox – we call in the Drill Box – to help you organize your practice and get out onto the street to play, dance, jump and move.

The heart of our program revolves around empowering young people through street sport. We play and offer fun, and teach dance moves and basketball tricks. We spend our afternoons immersed in sports practice and we spend some hours before then getting ready for it.

Of course our street sport practices are more than just fun and games. We do not just run a parkour practice – we find the boy quietly watching in the corner and invite him out to try jumping; we celebrate with him when he makes the landing. That girl on the football court that is yelling at her teammates? We help her understand the effect her yelling has on others, and we help her understand the power she has to be positive or negative – and we share high five’s when we see her learn to lift her teammates up.

Being a Playmaker, running practices, and developing yourself as a role model are not small jobs. That’s why we created the Youth-Led Street Sport for All project – to pool our knowledge and create this resource. The Drill Box is a compendium featuring exercises in street basketball, street football, dance, parkour, street fit and ‘energizers’ that you can choose from as you get ready for your next practice. We’ve pulled together the best drills for fun, action and movement, with an eye on learning, empowerment and growth.

The Drill Box was created to try to help meet the realities that you face – that sometimes kids are at a high level and need more of a challenge, and sometimes they are just beginning. And that sometimes you plan a practice for 15 kids because that’s how many came last time, but today you total only five. How do you quickly react and recalibrate your plan for the next 90 minutes?

You, the Playmakers and volunteers that donate your time and energy to being good role models, are what this Toolbox is all about. It is you who can say what works and what doesn’t, and we expect that it is also YOU who helps to build this collection of drills and exercises to make it even more relevant. That’s why we have included features for you to score the drills, and a method for you to submit your own drill that you have come up with. If it works for you, it will probably also work for your fellow Playmakers around the world. Please – share your ideas and your drills with us. Your fellow Playmaker in another country, on another continent, thank you for it.

Our Sports


Street Dance

At GAME we want all participants to be able to play and feel free when they move around to music. A street dance session with GAME will introduce the participants to different approaches to dance. In the sessions, focus will be on both freestyle as well as choreography. A session could consist of a warm up, some physical training, a few exercises or games, working with a choreography, playing with rhythms and/or working with freestyles as drills or maybe even a cypher or a battle. Cho...

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You are a Playmaker or volunteer. You had a bad day. You don’t feel like coaching. Your kids are being wild. Your kids are cranky. Someone is fighting. You are tired. They are tired.You need something. Some ENERGY. And maybe a laugh. Energizers are short, quick, fun exercises that can be used in a variety of ways in a sports practice, or any sort of gathering or activity for that matter. They offer the group a respite from the job at hand and provide a few minutes of challenge that set the...

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Welcome to Parkour at GAME!

We, the authors of the parkour section of the GAME Academy, is the Street Movement Crew from Copenhagen. But this is all about YOU.

And who are you, exactly?

If you can answer yes to the following statements, the following drills are for you:

• You are a Playmaker, coach and/or parkour practitioner with basic parkour skills or better.

• You have experience with keeping students s...

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Street Fit

Street fit is a functional training out on the asphalt. With street fit we strengthen our muscles and get our pulse up with fun games and exercises. We use our own body as a ballast in different ways that result in strengthening of the whole body. We work physically with balance, endurance, fitness and strength.

Structure of a Street Fit Training

A typical street fit practice lasts an hour and is run by a minimum of two Playmakers. The typical practic...

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Street Basketball

Welcome to the GAME Academy Drill Box. What you have before you is a special selection of basketball drills intended to help you get the most out of your time as a street basketball coach. By signing up as a Playmaker you have already taken the first important step towards making a difference in the lives of young people in your community. And in this role you will be tested and challenged by the kids and by the location, but once you start overcoming these obstacles and having educational an...

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Street Football

Street sport has many qualities: It’s flexible, it’s inviting and easily accessible, and helps kids exercise their creative muscles. As the community becomes built up around the sport and the games, it is the participants themselves who help define the framework and create the feeling of family and team. More, street sport is available to all youth, regardless of their background or their gender, their economic situation or their physical prowess. It can easily include those in vulnerable ...

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GAME Academy is a free, online, educational platform for Playmakers, other volunteers and all those who want to use street sports to empower young people. It was co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union as a part of the Youth-Led Street Sport For All project.


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