5:00 min

Materials:        10 Basketballs, 10 Cones, 2 sets of Jerseys/Bibs


Divide the team into groups of five.  The coach or Playmaker makes a circle with the cones. The players dribble their own ball in the circle while they try to make someone lose his or her ball. Whoever goes out of the circle or lose their ball leaves the game. The game continues until there is only one person left in. The game repeats for a few rounds.

Variation: dribble only with the left hand; dribble only with right hand; must change direction when the coach yells “turn!”

Variation: change the size of the circle


– Make sure the players are always keeping their heads high to notice an attack for other players.

– Make sure the player’s interest is known.

– Be careful of head collision.


Dribbling – this drill asks the players to dribble, dribble, and dribble. They will be under attack from all sides, and they also need to be on attacking themselves. How can they keep the ball close and in control?


Coping with stress and emotion – you are being chased, and in some cases, you might get singled out and targeted by a few players. How will you react to this? What happens when you perceive something to be unfair (two people working together to knock your ball out)? How can you stay focused on getting the job done when someone is trying to derail your efforts?

Self-awareness – when is it time to focus on yourself and staying in the game, and when is it time to be aggressive and knock other people out? After all, you can only win if you are the last player left with your ball. You must know your own strengths and weakness, physically and emotionally, in order to succeed.

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