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This is a number of small exercises that helps with creativity and mixes the players regardless of skin color, religion or skill level. Ask the players to line up on a row accordingly to height, date of birth, number of siblings, shoe size, number of letters in your name, alphabetically order etc. They have to do so without talking. They can use signs and their fingers as a way to communicate number etc. The coach should help if the game stalls and check when they think that they are done to see if they got it right.


  • Allow the players to find their own way of solving the task
  • Reset the drill and start over if someone talks
  • The drill can be a helpful and fun way to make teams before playing games. When the row has formed start from one end and assign 1’s and 2’s to create two teams.


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  • Creative thinking: the players need to think creatively to solve the task since they cannot speak
  • Empathy: the players gain a higher awareness of each others’ similarities – and differences, regardless of background etc.

Effective nonverbal communication is needed, which plays a large role in understanding each other

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