15:00 min

Materials: Parkour area and 1 dice per group


In this workout the focus is removed from the usual programming and logic planning. The benefit is a lot of movement and the satisfaction of completing the sets as they are revealed together in the group.

Stand in a tight circle and take turns to roll the dice. When one has rolled and you see the result, everyone completes the exercise and number of repetitions that the dice shows and wait in an active waiting position until all have done it.

Remember that before the dice is rolled you will need to define how many repetitions are done and / or how long a position will be held. For example, it could be agreed that in the first round, 5 repetitions are done; that a position is held for 30 seconds.

A light version

1 = “Spiderman” go from push-up position to handstand stomach-to-wall style.

2 = Push ups.

3 = Lunges each leg.

4 = Back extensions (both arms and legs off the ground).

5 = Situps or atomic situps

6 = Do a parkour flow that was practiced in class.

Waiting positions: Plank, dish, squat, leg-raises, calf raises


A heavier version

1 = “Spiderman” +1,2 or 3 handstand pushups.

2 = Jumping push ups with a clap.

3 = Bulgarian split squats each leg.

4 = Super slow back extensions 10secs each (both arms and legs off the ground).

5 = V-Ups

6 = Do a parkour flow that was practiced in class – maybe make it longer.

Waiting positions: Plank, dish, squat, leg-raises, calf raises


This can be hard, and you can add option that all participants can call 20-30 second break instead of one of their rolls. (If there are a lot of participants maybe limit to 10 breaks or something). It’s important that the fast participants wait in an active waiting position for the slower to complete each exercise – this is out of respect for those who are still working and a way to scale the impact of the entire workout so the fast gets a little extra.


– Strength

– Endurance

– Tolerance to fatigue and lactic acid filled muscles.

– Doing a parkour route under pressure.


– Empathy: Waiting for each other

– Coping with stress and emotions: Better mind game during something unpleasant

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