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Deal or no deal is from a tv-show where the participants get presented with a deal that the can either accept or decline. It’s a very loose way of organizing a breaking jump / technical training that demands that the participants are highly engaged in the process and have creativity and high enough skill level to make up challenges on the spot.

The common way to set up the game is for the participants to go together with a partner. They take turns presenting each other with a challenge. Here are two examples of how a deal could be presented.

  • Stick a specific precision jump 3 out of 3 times. If you fail, do 11 push-ups.
  • Do this jump.

When participant 1 is presented with a challenge from participant 2, participant 1 has to reply with either: “deal” or “no-deal”. If you choose “deal” you must both try to complete the challenge together. If you think that the challenge is unrealistic and you don’t want to do it you have the possibility to say no-deal. This is cost free.

For each given challenge the roles change.


Limit the amount of choices for participants to make it easier. Generally, games of this type that leaves much up to the participants can be confusing. A way to limit possibilities could be to only allow precision jumps or tricks on a rail.

Decide if you want punishment for failing to be allowed. If in doubt don’t have this as part of the game.


– Technical skills training

– Creativity and adaptations – find challenges on a spot


– Reflective decision-making: aligning the deals you take on with your competences

– Empathy: make deals that can get accepted

– Creative thinking: making up challenging and fun deal scenarios

– Self-awareness: Working with fear – daring to take on a challenge that seems hard

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