COUNT 1-2-3

7:00 min


In this activity the participants are broken up into pairs. You, the moderator, start counting to three: 1 – 2 – 3; 1 – 2 -3.  You count as fast as possible, picking up speed. Invite the participants to count with you.  After the rhythm is established, you stop the participants and introduce that instead of saying the number 2, you should, for example, make a jump. The participants then try again to count to 3, with this change – they say “one!’, then they jump (do NOT say 2), and then they say “three!”. Again after some time, change either number 1 or number 3 out for a different action – for example, turning around. So instead of saying “one!”, they turn around.  Finally, add a little activity to the last number – in this case three.


  • It is important to express that participants should not say anything when the number has been replaced with an activity – it is thus for the participants to remember and observe what the other people are doing.


  • These drill helps to improve memory and coordination skills. The participants need to think and move at the same time.


Coping with stress and emotion: it’s your turn! Are you ready! Quick! What was it? This game is simple but difficult for the brain and the mouth and the body to coordinate at a quick pace. How can you train yourself to stay calm under the pressure, and to move on productively after a mistake?

Effective communication: while there is verbal back-and-forth between partners, there is also a need for non-verbal communication where each partner supports and encourages the other one and helps them through their stress to get to the right answer

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