10:00 min

Materials: bean bags, or shoes


Players are split in two groups. Group A is assigned one area, while Group B is assigned an opposite area.  Bean bags are scattered in each area.  If you do not have bean bags, you can use shoes (and then everyone works barefoot), or another object that will not bounce (so, not a ball) and that will go far enough when you throw it (so, no disc cones).

On the Playmaker’s signal both teams must attempt to clear their area by throwing the bean bags or shoes into the other team’s area without hitting other players.

The Playmaker should announce first how long they will have to work (example, for three minutes). When the time is up, whichever side has the fewest been bags or shoes on their sides, wins.

Variation: set them time, but do not tell the children how long the time is set for. Encourage them to persevere even though they become tired, the task becomes mundane, and they do not know for how much longer it must go on.

Coaching key points: Play the game at least two or three times, so see if the teams will develop a strategy. Encourage the teams to develop a strategy as they learn the game.


  • A fun, physical warm-up that prepares kids mentally and physically for practice


  • Teamwork: Everyone must work actively to help the team win. Should there be positions? Should they throw to a certain space? The team should work together to be as effective as possible.
  • Coping with stress and emotion: the children are working so hard to clear their ‘garden’, and it is so frustrating when the bags or shoes keep coming back in! How do you deal with that stress while staying dedicated to the task?

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