30:00 min


Best suitable for kids, Chu Bang demands a good setting with opportunity for lots of movement and places to hide. It is best described as a hide and seek game.

– Coach stands with back to group

– They have to move around doing Parkour movements

– Coach counts down from 3 before turning around to look at the group. All try to find a place to hide from the coach within the 3 seconds.

– If you get spotted you go to prison, where team member can save you in next round by high fiving you.

– Coach yells out “chu-bang” before turning away from the group again to let the group know that she/he isn’t looking and they have to move around once more.


– Make it fun and encourage the students to take chances – it’s also fun to be rescued by friends.

– Move your spots so they have to hide differently between each session of Chu-bang.


– Warm up

– Social awareness

– Light parkour relevant movements


– Coping with stress and emotions: Handling a little stress from the game

– Team work: Following the rhythm of the game – being part of a group.

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