15:00 min

Materials: Chalk or a clearly marked line


Make two teams. The teams line up close to the center line. The objective of the game is to pull players from the other team across the line. When one team succeeds in pulling a player across the line, the player joins the team. Continue until everyone is on the same team.

Variation: You can cross the line if you hold on to a player from your own team whose feet are on your team’s side. This way you can go deep into your opponent’s territory and catch players.


  • Make sure that the players pull in arms and not wrists
  • Make sure that the players don’t have long nails!


  • Physical strength and agility


  • Teamwork: This game has no losers. Everyone wins every time. It is a fun game that teaches teamwork and creative thinking. The intensity of the GAME makes it relevant to train coping with stress and emotions.

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