15:00 min


A concept often trained with Stephane Vigroux that challenges your stamina and technique under pressure. Can work with all levels.

– Set up a route and practice passing all obstacles – ask participants to have more options ready, let them be creative and “stealing” ideas should also be encouraged.

– Now ask them to go at around 60% and set a timer for 4-5 minutes.

– Then a small break for all and maybe adjust the course slightly.

– Now partner them up and have one partner start along with one from all other groups. Others are waiting in the middle or where-ever it fits.

– Ask them to go with 80-90% speed

– After one or two rounds the other partner goes and this continues for 10 minutes non-stop.

– Small break and if you have more time. Go again for a shorter amount of time.

– Talk and reflect upon the experience together.


– Be ready to change the route for safety reasons or just to give some variation.

– Consider allowing participants to skip obstacles if people are blocking – you are not supposed to slow down.


– Stamina / Endurance

– Tolerance to fatigue and lactic acid filled muscles.

– Apply technical moves in high workload situation.


Coping with stress and emotions: Ability to focus under stress

– Creative thinking: building on the ideas of others

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