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This game is played out as rock-paper-scissors, but instead of rock-paper-scissors it is Bear- Ninja-Hunter: The bear eats the ninja (with claws up and mouth open). The ninja kills the hunter (with karate hands and up). The hunter shoots the bear (with an imaginary rifle).

The participants set up in pairs with each pair standing back-to-back. Together they yell out ‘bear, ninja, hunter, go!’ and upon yelling ‘go’, they do a turn-in-the-air jump and land in the position of whatever they have chosen. What exactly the stance of a bear, ninja, or hunter looks like is up to the participant to decide themselves.

The winner needs to do a happy dance and a happy song and finds someone else who has also won. The loser complains in an exaggerated manner and finds someone else who has lost. The new pairs play again.


– Variation is key. Find other ways to move and movements to make. This can include movements to be a rock, paper, or a pair of scissors.


Icebreaker – this is a good soft way to get the body started moving. It is not physically demanding, but forces some short explosive movements broken up by walking to find a new partner.

Explosivity – the participants need to take their opponent by surprise, otherwise the movement will be predictable. So this requires a jump, a stance, and an ‘attack’


Coping with stress and emotions is strengthened through the feeling of winning and losing. The game is good if there is a need to work with how people react to winning and losing; to do so in a manner that does not cause other people to feel badly. This exercise is a good way to train the participants’ skills in reacting to stressful situations (for example if someone else is given an unfair advantage, or if they lose, etc.); it is a good way to train their initial reaction.

Empathy – this game should be fun: while rock-paper-scissors is familiar in many cultures, this version is likely unfamiliar and many mistakes will be made as the mind and body struggle to keep up with the new version. Laughing together breaks down barriers between us.

Gemme til senere
Gemme til senere

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