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Similar to the “Lvl up landings game” we are increasing the difficulty level slowly as the participants manage to complete each level individually. In the balance game it is in general easier to determine if a participant completes a challenge or not. If done well this game can keep participants focused for a longer time than is normally possible without “gamificating” the drill.

Find a place to balance – one or more long rails are preferable. Bring pen and paper or chalk to write on the ground if you can. Before the drill starts list up the challenges that you have in mind or keep some off the list until you identify the level in the group and then introduce the next levels after some time – this also gives less stress. Here are some suggestions, note that it is not necessarily in the order you feel is accurate:

– Balance forwards for a certain distance.

– Balance backwards

– Walk in balance and touch your hand and toes on the same side for each step.

– Balance sideways

– Complete 10 squats in a row touching the rail every time

– Balance the distance but do 1,2 or three full turns on the way.

– Cat balance

– Cat balance backwards

– Sideways monkeys on the rail.

– Do a full turn in cat-balance

– Standing on the rail take off a shoe and put it back on.


Put focus on quality and small victories for the beginners – encourage “zen mind” and good breathing.

It can be done in a certain predetermined order where they must complete each before continuing or you can allow them to skip a few on their way. Another way is to have them chose challenges that they find interesting and tick them off as they go. Very experienced participants can help add challenges.


– Balance.

– Potentially better precisions

– Light training – good for active restitution.


Coping with stress and emotions: Train patience – ability to focus for longer.

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