10:00 min

Materials: 1 ball per 2 players


Pairs of two players line up facing each other with approximately five to six meters distance. Player A holds the ball in a triple threat position. Player B turns his back to player A. Player A will now make a clear and easy chest pass (this is agreed upon before the drill begins). When the ball is released from the fingers player A will shout “Ball!” to player B, who then turns around as fast as possible and catches the ball.

The drill can be conducted with different passes and differences in the type of communicative message (if the player shouts “Rock” then you do not turn around).


  • Palms must be turned away from the body, after each pass
  • Bend knees and take a step forward to add power


  • This drill improves reaction time. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll get hit.


This game stimulates mutual trust, as the players will take turns being in the vulnerable position with the back to the ball. The drill requires effective communication between the players.

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