15:00 min

Materials: 1 Ball per person, A few cones


The players break up into pairs. If there is an odd number, one group can have three, or if you have an extra Playmaker, they can be paired up with someone. The pair should stand approximately 3 meters apart from each other to start, and each pair should be sure there is enough space between them and the pair to the sides of them.

One player starts with the ball in his or her hands. He/she will toss the ball to the player standing opposite them, and that player must either trap the ball to get it under control before sending it back, or they must volley it back directly on a first touch.

There are many different body parts to use: inside of the foot, top of the foot, the heel; the thigh; the chest; the head; the shoulder. There can be different combinations as well – a chest trap and a head volley back; a thigh trap and a foot volley back.

Depending on the level of the players, a good idea is to start simply (with a foot volley back to the thrower) and progress as the players are ready to do so. After a certain period of time, change so that the thrower becomes the receiver.


– There must be a good throw

– the one receiving the ball must be in a ready position to receive: on their toes, bent knees with a low center of gravity, READY!

– Adjust the distance between the partners as appropriate to their level

-Be aware of who is paired with who: sometimes it makes sense for two advanced players to be together; sometimes a less advanced can learn from being with a more advanced. The pairings should be done thoughtfully and with purpose.


– You will learn to control the ball with different parts of your body.

– You will learn the proper physical position to be in to receive the ball.


Self-awareness – the player will learn quickly what he or she is good at and will know what they need to work on. How will they prepare themselves to face the challenges of their weak points in a game situation?

Creative Thinking – At the end of the drill, the Playmaker can add some creativity time where players can choose funny, unique, or extremely challenging combinations and ways to receive the ball. Have fun with it.

Effective Communication – It is important to have a good throw, but that is not always easy to do. The receiving player must be able to guide the thrower and must be able to do so calmly and effectively even when the throws are poor.

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