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The participants gather in a big circle. The Playmaker starts by setting the scene: ’Now we’re going to travel around the world….’ For every country/destination that you travel to, you need to add a type of movement.

For example:

  • Japan: Sumo wrestlers (Squat)
  • New York: In a Hurry! (Super fast walking)
  • Kenya: Dance (A shake exercise)
  • Brazil: Capoeira (Handstand/putting your weight on your hands)
  • Hawaii: Drinking drinks with a long or short straw (Push-ups, high or low)
  • Greenland: Pool bear on an ice floe (Plank with arms and legs away from the body)

The Playmaker (storyteller) tries to name countries/destinations several times so that the movements are repeated frequently, like doing repetitions.


– Be vigilant that the movements are done correctly in order to avoid injury. This could mean spending extra time reviewing the movements before the fun begins.

– While doing your best to avoid injury, also note that for this exercise the focus is on getting the body ready; having a good warm-up, as opposed to perfecting techniques.

– Remember to differentiate the movements (countries visited) so that they are appropriate for the audience.

– Create new destinations and movements.

-Remember that the kids many not know geography out of their own worlds. So this can also be called ‘Around the neighborhood’ and instead of someone yelling ‘New York’ they can also yell ‘At my Aunt Mary’s house!’ and they can tell the group what move correlates to their Aunt Mary. It is important that no child is made to feel bad for not knowing other cities or countries.


– This exercise focuses on using many repetitions through play, which can often elicit a better participatory response from the participants (as opposed to challenging them with a difficult task just at the start).

Motoric Skills – creative thinking may bring about some new and expressive movements. The body should match the imagination

Explosivity – each place named is new, and so each movement will be a sudden start.


Self-awareness is strengthened through increased physical consciousness – the participants get the opportunity to test their physical abilities and to discover their bodies and the potential the body has.

Creative thinking: be creative! Pick places that you have never been to, be funny, make things up. They can yell “On Jupiter!” and guess what aliens on Jupiter do….

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