5:00 min

Materials: Music


The Playmaker is the leader, the participants follow. Choose different patterns for the arm movements. Examples are below but the options are endless.

1) Start position is straight arms with your palms towards your thighs – arms moves towards the ceiling, with a feeling of resistance when they move (= no lazy arms) – end position is with your arms straight up, palms towards each other. Then push your arms down again, with a feeling of resistance, ending back in your start position. This should be a smooth and controlled movement from bottom to the top.

Your arms are straight throughout the exercise.

1a) Start doing it slowly – 4 counts in each direction, then 2 counts, then 1 count.

1b) Make a sharp stop with your arms in horizontal position (instead of doing it in one smooth movement).

2) Arms straight to the side (horizontal position) – make small circles first forward, then backwards.

3) Arms straight to the side (horizontal position) – Push your arms towards the ceiling, but only 10-20cm – take them back down to horizontal position. This should be small, fast and controlled movements. Do the same with pushing down, back and forward.

4) Hold your arms still in horizontal position.

5) Move your arms very slow from horizontal position towards the ceiling, with your palms towards each other, and back to horizontal position.


– Make sure everybody sucks their belly in to avoid pressure on the lower back.

– It is okay to move around with your legs.

– Find a track with a suitable tempo (110-130bpm), the faster the track is, the more difficult the drill will be – make sure your students are ready, before you push them to a higher level, so they still are able to control their movement.

– Do the exercise with them, so you have an idea of how much time is suitable. The first couple of times should be shorter, so they get used to the drill.

– If a person feels like giving up, they can hold their arms still in horizontal position instead – never give up.

– It is an option to give a punishment to the whole group if one person gives up, make sure that the group then encourage each other to push themselves in a positive way. Let them know of the consequence in advance, and make sure that the length of the drill is not too hard.


– Controlled movement of arms – by repeating the same movement with strength, speed and control, the students will get better control of their arms. Their body and mind will remember the feeling of control.


Self-awareness is strengthened through enhanced physical consciousness – How much are they able to do, more control of their arms which is useful when doing choreography. Self-awareness is also strengthened though achievement – The great feeling afterwards when they have completed the drill with success, and when they get better at executing the drill.

Coping with stress and emotion is strengthened by how they react to pressure when the exercise gets hard physically, and to the pressure of the collective punishment.

Teamwork is strengthened by group dynamics. The focus on cheering for each other, so everybody makes a bigger effort.

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