35:00 min

Materials:        Frisbee, Ball, Cone, etc


The game consists of four different phases and the players are divided into four different teams – if there are not enough players, just make two teams.

Phase 1:    Two teams; a score is made by knocking down the other team’s cone or alike – these are positioned in each end. Besides this objective, there are no rules.

Phase 2:    The tallest player will two times be granted permission to add a rule, to improve the flow of the game. The remaining players do not have a say.

Phase 3:    The player whose shoes are the newest will be allowed to add a new rule.

Phase 4:   At a given moment another player will be allowed to add a new rule to improve the flow of the game. It is also allowed to suggest cancellation of a rule. For every change in rules suggested, the players will have to vote on it. If there is no majority, the right to make a new rule will pass to someone else. In this round, it is only allowed to vote but under no circumstances to comment on the suggestions.

After each phase, the teams will split up and talk about the events.

  • Focus: What kind of principles does the game follow?
  • Who benefits and who has drawbacks from the game?
  • Is it fair?


Focus – ask the players these Q’s:

  • Which phase did they prefer?
  • Who had benefits and drawbacks, and why?
  • Listen to all the different opinions
  • Can some aspects of this game be related to society?


  • Do not tell the players the name of the game or the unrevealed objective before or during the game – frustration is part of the driver
  • Be very careful – this game should not motivate the judgment of other players’ political values


Not Applicable


This game increases the players’ experience with an understanding of different forms of government (dictatorship vs. democracy). They will train to make reflected decisions also using their creativity when making new rules. Furthermore, the drill will train to cope with the stress and emotions arising from the unfairness of the game.

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