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An “AMRAP” (short for “As Many Rounds As Possible”) is done by combining different exercises that are repeated for a specific period of time.

A short AMRAP could be, for example:

  • 10 Situps
  • 10 Pushups
  • 10 Air squats

These exercises are repeated in the individual participant’s own speed and tempo and level of difficulty until the 5 minutes are up.

An AMRAP usually lasts between 5-10 minutes but could be longer if the specific exercises require longer stamina. They can also be shorter than 5 minutes if very physically demanding exercises are chosen. 


– When you are putting together the exercises for your AMRAP, try to be sure that they use different muscle groups.  The participants should be able to get through the AMRAP without being totally wiped out.

– It can be difficult to use the same muscle groups repeatedly, so be sure you have chosen a diverse set.

– In an AMRAP there is not so much focus on technique, but rather to burn energy and burn muscles.

– The technique should be reviewed together before starting the AMRAP with the goal of reducing the risk of injury.


– It is high intensity training that gets the pulse up. By being aware of the number of repetitions, participants have the opportunity to keep an eye on their individual performance over time.

Explosivity – these repetitions are short and fast, so the body will burn the muscles hard before resting

Strength – this exercised is focused on working the muscles hard and building strength


Self-awareness is increased by physical consciousness. With AMRAPs it is simple to differentiate among the different levels in the group. Everyone can do the specific exercises at their own personal tempo, allowing them to work at their own appropriate level. Despite people working in the different levels, there is still a communal feel to the exercise since everyone is pushing themselves through the same exercises. The participants challenge their bodies and discover limits and over time, they should be able to improve their performance.

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