5:00 min

Materials:        1 ball per person



  1. Throw the ball high and turn around (count the number of times the player manages to turn around underneath the ball).
  2. Dribble jumping on one foot (standing still and moving).
  3. Roll on feet without losing balance.
  4. Walk on tip-toes, on heels.
  5. Standing still, hold the ball, legs apart: jump, turn around completely and land in the same position (in one direction and then the other).
  6. Dribble with eyes closed.
  7. Jump on and off a bench without losing balance.
  8. Run around the court and stop immediately on a signal.
  9. The same game-drill, dribbling.
  10. Run around the court, stop on a signal, jump high and turn around, then start to run again.
  11. Reverse walking.
  12. Reverse walking on a bench, walk forwards.
  13. Same game-drills dribbling.
  14. Dribble around the court, at the signal roll on the ground, stand up, grasp the ball and start to dribble again.
  15. Roll the ball forwards, somersault on a carpet, grasp the ball again and dribble or shoot or pass.
  16. Walk on a bench, catch a ball thrown by a teammate and pass it back immediately.
  17. Dribble in the court and on a signal stop, standing on one foot.
  18. Dribble, around, inside a circle made by the coach.
  19. Shoot at a basket from an unbalanced position.


  • Encourage the players to challenge themselves by increasing speed once they master the various drills
  • Take the eyes off the ball and use the fingertips when handling the ball (not relevant for all drills)


  • Improved coordination skills
  • Improved ball handling skills


  • Self-awareness will increase, as the players become more familiar with physical limits and strengths in terms of speed, agility, and endurance.
  • Ability to work as a team is improved.
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